A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your computer to remember your behavior and personalize your online experience when you first visit the site. Cookies perform many different tasks such as enabling you to browse pages more effectively on the bodrumvillas.com website, storing your preferences and improving your website experience in general. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. There are different types of cookies that track and record different types of activity.


Cookies allow us to identify your device and provide personalized content suitable for your device. bodrumvillas.com uses cookies in the following ways. Below is a complete list of cookies used in all bodrumvillas.com Digital Channels.


These are cookies that allow users to view the bodrumvillas.com website, use the functions of the websites and access the access-controlled parts. The information collected by these cookies is not used for marketing purposes. If the use of such cookies is not allowed, the following results will occur: - It will be impossible to use various sections of bodrumvillas.com; - bodrumvillas.com may provide less support to its users; - bodrumvillas.com will not be able to remember your choices when you cannot view or use a certain function.


These cookies assist in improving bodrumvillas.com websites. Cookies collect information about how visitors use bodrumvillas.com, such as the most visited pages or the number of error messages shown. These make it easier for us to understand how visitors come to our site, how they navigate the site, and highlight areas where we can improve the experience we offer you. By combining this information later, we get an idea of ​​how we can improve the way the site functions. The data stored in these cookies never reveal personal information that can be used to identify you.


These cookies collect information about your habits of using the internet and enable the advertisements shown to you to be selected in a way that appeals to you and your interests. They remember the websites you visit, and this information is shared with third parties such as advertisers. We use third-party advertising and social media services to display advertisements on the website or to manage our advertisements on other websites and to provide social sharing functionality. Cookies placed by third parties are not used and read by bodrumvillas.com, they are only used by the relevant third party. We have limited knowledge and control over these cookies, the data obtained through the use of these cookies and their intended use.


Cookies make the use of bodrumvillas.com Websites faster and easier, but if you wish you can choose to disable cookies in a way that prevents us from remembering your preferences, providing customized content, and developing improved learning from your visit. If you do not want to receive cookies on your computer, you can easily block cookies by changing the settings of your web browser or let you know when you receive a new cookie. Please follow the links below to learn how to manage cookies in different browsers:

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If you want to learn more about cookies or how to control or delete them, please visit http://www.youronlinechoices.com/en/ for detailed guidance. Your Online Choices is a web page provided by the internet advertising industry that contains information about "behavioral advertising", "online privacy" and cancellation options.